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Sadness comes in everyone's life at different turns. Whenever we feel pain, we always feel better when we share the storm of our feelings with someone. Life is not easy always. It comes with ups and downs. 

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Being sad is not a choice but choosing happiness over sadness is. This post presents you with the best sad quotes for status, posts, stories that you can share to make others aware of what you are feeling.

These are not only sad quotes but also bring a ray of hope to cope with the sadness that life brings you.

Sad quotes for friends

Sad Quotes in Bengali and Urdu, Sad Quotes about Relationship, Depression, Pain, Sad Quotes in Short

 STRANGE! We smile a little more outsides and cry a little more inside.

The more I think about you, the more I get stuck in our memories.  The more it becomes hard to forget you.                        Yes,  now I will get changed. 

Enough of the torture. 
 Enough of the respect that I give.          
Enough of everything. 

I didn't utter a word. 
Still having love in the heart. 
I let him go 😭

Deep inside me is the real me!! 

For you, you have to begin. No one will come to give a start for you .no one!! 
Start today. Because great things start today itself!!! 

When no one gives faith in you, leave just leave... Here is no time to explain anything to anybody... Keel doing all good you can !! 
And go to them with your success, there will be all the answers to the questions asked!! 

Sometimes not because of ego, not because of misunderstandings, not because of anger, not because of fights, we have to go apart for love, for his wellness, for his happiness. 

The life of a girl changed. Laughter changed to silence. The smile turned to tears. Wings got scorched. Started hiding her fears. Started building a gap from others. 
Everyone who was once close to her, now even don't catches her silence. Yes, everything is so changed for her... Life's one move and she got stuck to the things she never wants. 

When nothing goes by your choice,  let it be. Everything will be fine soon. Rain can't last forever. Someone blames you, it's all ok, don't explain. Don't exhibit what you feel to the one who never understood, he will never understand.
Be strong always. 

Strong threads don't need knots.

Sometimes so much love makes us so much weak that we get lost in expectations of getting it back.

When u will come this time, please come forever!πŸ–€

Hiding my pains,
And smiling a lot !!

 I can't afford to have you.
   Can you please ignore to be mine !! 

 The love that you don't get, is the love that you don't deserve! πŸ’”

 My heart is locked since I was badly burnt, like a burning star,                        
  my soul bare so pain,                                
arousing from the scars.

Crying through a smile.
If we are meant, I meet and meld.                      
 I won't let go, of the hand, I have held.

The language of the heart is created by the combination of words and feelings.

I'm a part of you
Entrapped by that dark,
Lost from the present,
Undead till the date
But yet not lived 
Just surviving through 
Those memories.

Lovely were the moments. So, lovely were we! 

My room has no room for betrayals anymore.
Life is so complicated. You will never get out of it alive.

Monsters are not under the bed.
Monsters are not in a dark room.
Monsters are among us,
Roaming all around.

Scribbling this down
And crying so long.
Why don't you come 
Let this pain go around.

Love hurts in a moment
But, the pains last lifelong.

It took me so long to realise that"I was not enough" 

Your betrayal left me in disguise.

Broken but still beautiful.

I can't love anymore.
Every part of me is tired.
I used to be a happy butterfly,
You made me an alone soul.

Every rain reminds me of the tears that are left with me.

Life is making me so strong! 
Not letting me settle for a wrong! 

Life tests you on every turn. 

I was there where you never were.

The world is so cruel.No one is like you, Mumma.

The more I try to become strong, the more this world pulls me down.

I wish I had never met you.

You were my morning chai, my evening toast. But then you broke my trust! 

You were a scary dream to my beautiful night.

Life is not so easy to live.

Sleeping, waking, crying and the cycle goes on.

I was not so weak, you made me a broken piece.

When you left me,
You smiled so beautifully,
I couldn't stop you,
Only I cried endlessly! 

If only I knew
That kiss was out last
I would've stopped time
That moves so fast.
And held you close,
You head on my heart.
And embraced god's made,
Beautiful work of art 
I would've mapped the freckles
That adorn your face 
Like constellations in the sky
Wonders and full of grace.
I would have traced your body,
It's even and its odds
With every part of it
Built like the greek gods.

I have become good at hiding my pain under my smiles.

I cannot drive my mind from your thoughts.

Why was I not enough.

I'm losing myself while finding the right pieces for your heart.

The brightest smiles hide the darkest pains.

A lost diary with lost people becomes a great memory.

In the infinite gloom
You are going to realise, who you truly are,
A shining  star🌟

Maybe it was the sound of flowing water, or, the gush of blowing wind.
Made my heart lurk over an edge.

Life is like TIME.
It doesn't stop for anyone.

Tears are made of more feelings and less water.

Feeling sad is fine but staying strong is a must.

Everyone wants happiness,
No one wants pain.
You can't have a rainbow,
Without a little rain.

Chasing happiness can't make you happy always.

People taught me to be happy alone.

Forever is a lie.

Don't promise ever until you make it forever.

I was there where you never were!

Our love doesn't make us apart. You did.

Move on! It was never yours.

Don't be sad. Everything happens for a reason.
Life lets you fly when you give up the shit that weighs you down.

Truth hurts but makes you strong.

People don't stay forever.

I wish I could see you the last time.

No one will be there when we will in dire need.
Everyone will come when we will succeed.

A million words would not bring you back,
I know because I have tried.
Neither will a million tears,
I know because I have cried.

Once gone, will never be back.

If you are sad about having something,
Remember those who had nothing.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up in the middle.

Why can't I make myself happy first?

Storms bring the most beautiful rains.

I'm sad for you not loving me.
But I'm happier for the love I get.

The family never leaves us.

Why isn't happiness finding my way?

I made these quotes with so much love for you people so that you could relate your situation with some fantastic quotes.
Remember, you are not alone.
If you like these quotes, do share them with your friends. 

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