Quotes on Birthday without Celebration Feeling

Everyone waits for their birthday all through the year, to celebrate it with cakes, candles, truffles, and balloons. The absence of these things can make a happy person sad too. 

Living in a life full of busy schedules, busy life, everyone wishes, everyone expects, that their birthday would be planned with huge pomp and show. But when these expectations won't come to reality, the heartbreaks with no noise, and the cruelest thing is that we cannot even ask for that. 

So if you are in the same situation and want some quotes or lines that describe your pain of not celebrating your birthday, then you are exactly at a place where you should be! 

Go through this post and put your hands on the best quotes on feelings of not celebrating a birthday. 

Quotes on Birthday without Celebration Feeling

Best quotes on feelings of non-celebration of a birthday. 

This birthday feels so alone,

Everything is silent

I only moan.

Having everyone around and then not celebrating my birthday, feels like it doesn't matter to anyone. 

Life is so strange, social media handles are full of fake birthday wishes and my house is all empty with me, no one else besides. 

Toffees, and doughnuts and beautiful cakes,

This birthday is so boring, with people who are snakes🐩

And life is so unexpected, what I have wished for this birthday, and everything just turned 180°. There is no celebration, nor there is any happiness. 

A birthday without a celebration is so boring. 

On this birthday, when I cannot celebrate, makes me feel depressing.

Not every birthday is meant to be celebrated, some are meant to cry and feel tragic. 

I am celebrating my birthday with me, loneliness and me. 

A cake without candles and a life without a birthday is always incomplete.

I know celebrating birthdays are not that important but still can't take off my mind from the truth that I hold no importance to anyone. 

I wish my birthday has also been celebrated the way I celebrated theirs. 

This birthday, no cake, no chocolates, no drinks. Still, I am the happiest. 

Without the presence of parents, birthdays will always be incomplete.  

I am celebrating my birthday with loneliness, stress, sorrow and three more.

A cake doesn't make a birthday person happy! 

Being the unhappiest version of myself on my birthday! 

Only exams and no birthday! 

Locking inside your room is the new trend to follow on your birthday. 

An alone birthday sucks! 

Better to sleep rather than crying over a birthday not being celebrated. 

Smiling! Even though I didn't cut a cake this time.

Excitement is meant to be shattered sometimes! 

A birthday cannot make me sad! 

Celebrating my birthday with myself in my heart!

A cake is not a necessity for a birthday, happiness is! 

Many birthdays came and many went, but I am going to remember this one for sure.

This birthday is going to be the saddest one because no one is around. 

Enjoying my alone birthday.

Sometimes peace become more important than celebrating a birthday.

 An alone birthday is not hurting anymore.

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