Lord Sri Radha Krishna Love Quotes in Hindi and English with Images

Radha Krishna Love Quotes in Hindi and English

Well! Are you also a Krishna lover. If yes, then you are in the right place. Lord Krishna, who has many avatars, is still the favorite of so many. 

Being widely worshipped all across India, many other countries too follow his teachings to win many obstacles in life. 

He is well known for his brave stories that were prevalent right from his childhood when he was born.  

Born from a mother and bought up by another mother, the life of Lord Krishna was also not easy that too as a God. But, he never stepped back from his responsibilities and always stood first in whatever he did. 

His stories of bravery are still a fantasy for so many children. 

He always stands by the side of his devotees and blesses them. 

I have quoted the Best Quotes on Krishna that you will not find elsewhere. If you are a true devotee and want the best quotes on Krishna that do read the whole post to get the amazing quotes.

Top 10 Krishna Quotes in Hindi 

  • किसी भी मुर्ख ब्यक्ति से बहंस  मत करो बरना लोग समज ही  नहीं पाएंगे की असल में मुर्ख कौन है | 

  • भगवान् श्री कृष्ण कहते है जो ब्यक्ति अपने मन को control नहीं करता, उनके लिए उनका मन दुश्मन के समान काम करता है | 

  • जिस पर राधा को मान है जिस पर राधा को  गुमान है यह वही कृष्ण हैं  जो राधा के दिल हर जगह बिराजमान है | 

  • श्री कृष्ण कहते है जब ज़्यादा ज़्यादा हांसे और  बोलने बाला इंसान अगर चुप हो जाये तोह समाज लीजिये वो इंसान  अंदर से से टूट चूका है 

  •  जीबन में ऊँचा उठने के के लिए पंखो की ज़रुरत केवल पंक्षियों को ही पड़ती है, मनुष्य तो जितना बिनम्रता से जुकता है उतना ही ऊपर उठता है 

  • देने के बदले लेना तो बीमारी है और जो देकर बी कुछ न ले बही तो बांके बिहारी  बोलो राधे | 

  • प्रेम में कोई छोटा या बड़ा नहीं होता, प्रेम पमें जो जितना ज़्यादा जुकता है बो उतना ही ऊँचा स्थान पाता है बोलो राधे राधे | 

  • अगर आज आप कमाई से ज़्यादा मेहनत करते हो, तो बहुत जल्दी म्हणत से ज़्यादा कमाई करोगे | 

  • किसी इंसान की कीमत इससे नहीं होती की वो क्या पा सकता है, बल्कि इसमें होती है की वो क्या दे सकता है | 

  • जिस वक़्त ईर्ष्या प्रेम में जनम लेती है, वह प्रेम के जीवन में में सबसे बुरा समय होता है 


  • The way you held Sudama's hands, the way you choose to always stand strong. Oh, Lord Krishna, bless me with your presence around me. 

  • Creating different glories, you gave us teachings, oh Lord, bless us with wisdom. 

  • LUST, ANGER, GREED are the three gates to Self- destruction. - LORD KRISHNA

  • A man is a product of his beliefs. He is what he believes. - Lord Krishna

  • Do everything with Love, kindness, and enthusiasm. - Lord Krishna

  • The mind becomes the greatest enemy when one fails to quell it while it becomes the best friend when one dominates it.- Lord Krishna

  • Action is always better than inaction, so perform your duties. - Lord Krishna.

  • One has attained the highest level of spirituality when he responds to the joys and the sorrows of others as if they are his own. -Lord Krishna

  • Murli in his hands, he protects the world.

  • Always use your intellect to keep things at the right place in your life. The mind is erratic, it will play, it will misbehave. - Lord Krishna.

  • I may be happily conquered only with Love. - Lord Krishna.

  • Never be scared of things. One which is real will always be. And one which is not will never be! - Lord Krishna 

  • One who does every work keeping in the possible end will never face a terrible phase in life. - Lord Krishna 

  • The beginning, the course, and the end of all the creations are Lord Krishna. 

  • One who has Lord Krishna by his side will never face defeat.

  • Life without devotion to Lord Krishna is like a flower without colors. 

  • When a person devotes himself completely to Krishna, he feels the utmost level of happiness. 

  •  Replace Ego, Lust, and Envy with Love, Compassion, and Humanity. 

  • Reduce your desires and you will know what happiness is. - Lord Krishna 

  • Make your heart focus on the work and not the rewards it may bring. - Lord Krishna

  • Happiness is a state of mind, that is free from all external affairs. 

  • It is always better to live your life imperfectly than to live in a fantasy of someone else's perfect life. - Lord Krishna

  • At first, the pleasure from the senses feels so good, but it acts as a poison in the end. - Lord Krishna 

  • The one who is on a spiritual path gets deviated from the path of worries and external meaningless affairs. 

  • Krishna never lets his devotees feel down because he is present in all forms of creatures and cherishes every moment. 

  • These materialistic things aren't going you a fruitful end but your devotion towards Lord Krishna will bring your soul to the superior level of peace and comfort. 

  • We are brought by God, and we will be withdrawn by God too. 

  • What we do for ourselves isn't going to count but what we have done in the service of God will bring peace here in life and also in the life after life. 

  • Our karmas follow us in every life we will be born. So, indulge yourself in the devotion to God. 


These were unique and some amazing quotes on Lord Krishna. If you find them valuable, then do share, like. And you can also let me know in the comment section below. 

Stay happy and spread love. 

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