Quotes and Sayings on One Sided 

Quotes and Sayings on One Sided

One Sided Love Quotes for Boys in Hindi and English

Broken in love???? And searching for some amazing one-sided quotes, then I must say you are in the right place where you will find some amazing one-sided quotes to explain the pain, the feelings that your heart is enduring in the phase.

Apart from these, one-sided love is most common these days because one who truly loves is often left alone. But the love that they hold in their heart is so pure and pious. 

So, if you are sailing in the same boat of one-sided love, then without wasting time somewhere else, go through this post and pick the best quote which fits your situation. 

Best One-Sided Quotes For Boyfriend in English 

One who loves the most and love truly is often left alone. 

It hurts when you have someone in your heart but you can't have them in your life. 

I never thought, your love was a lie, 

If you didn't love me, why were you in that tie?

Your eyes had no love for me,

Still, I kept looking for the love which was never there.

Oh, my dear Love, now let me live in a place of mine which you have left, dear. 

One-sided love is so unique. It doesn't split between two persons. The one who loves takes it with him. 

This one-sided love doesn't demand anything. It only gives serenity and that too with yourself. 

I am in one-sided love with myself. 

Those butterflies in the stomach when someone faces his one-sided love. And the condition worsens when he gives a smile. 

One Sided Love Quotes For Girls 

Nothing changed! The love is the same with you or without you.

I often think about what did I do, that I am rewarded with this one-sided love for my whole life. 

Why didn't you consider me even on your priority list? 

I loved you with all my heart and you left me without even a second thought. 

What I could have achieved with you, can never be achieved alone. 

You were my sun, my moon, my stars, my whole galaxy. But I forgot a human cannot afford these. 

This one-sided love for you kept on increasing every day. No matter if you are mine or not, this love will keep me yours only. 

The strongest form of love is one-sided love.

 People die in love, and I m living with this one-sided love. 

Your leaving doesn't hurt me, but your memories do. 

 How about a relationship that started one-sided and ended up mutual, It's beautiful right.

How about a relationship that started mutual and ended up one-sided, Isn't it beautiful too?

Love Failure One Sided Quotes and Sayings 

Isn't it weird to love someone who broke you into pieces? 

She took just one word to forget all the years we spend together. And it takes so many years to forget that one person. 

Laws of Reflection:- Incident Ray is OneSided love and reflected ray is pain and grief. 

My words may be full of hate but behind them hides my sadness. All I ever did for her was a wait but in the end, it drove me to madness.

She was my decision and I was his choice. 

There will be a day when you will turn from a mystery to a memorable history. Until then, love shall rule. 

Sometimes what we feel should never be felt. 

Why was only I putting all the efforts to keep that relationship alive? Has your heart ever loved me for a while? 

No matter how hard I try to forget my one-sided love. At the end of the day, the feelings refresh every night. 

The things you have to fight for, are never yours. 

My dreams have you, my eyes have you, my heart you, I belong to you. 

I am a leaf, but you are my tree.

I am a soldier, but you are my army.

I am a seed, but you are my fruit.

I am a paper, but you are my book.

I am a flower, but you are my bouquet.

I am a choice, but you are my only option.

One-sided love is found in the world of love. 

Love cannot be forced. It can be either be One-sided or mutual. There is no in-between.

No matter where my love goes, he will always reside in my heart. 

Most Heart Touching One Sided Love Quotes 

One-sided love hurts when it is the purest. 

One-sided love is amazing. You don't expect anything. You don't ask anything. You just find peace with this love with the memories. 

Love is the second name of sacrifice for the one you love. 

 Only the last page of my notebook knows the intensity of my one-sided love. 

One-Sided love kills the person from inside. You cannot tell, you cannot ask, you cannot love someone else in the hope of getting the love that means to you. 

Being broken is better than having confused feelings. 

I don't know what scares me more. The fear that you will never love me or the fear that I'll never forget you.

One-sided love has the power to survive till eternity that mutual love can never afford. 

If I was not yours, then, to whom does I belong? 

My heart has fallen in love with you, my soul has craved for you. How can I forget you, when every breath of mine reminds me of you. 

No love is as pure as one-sided love. 

One-Sided Love has no obsessions. It only has pious love. 

People do incredible things for love, especially for unrequited passion.

My love for you had made me insane. 

Insanity is my One-Sided love. 

You were mine, you are mine and you will always be mine. Because you reside in my heart when no one can ever find you. 


These were one-sided love quotes carved for you people to realise what one-sided love brings and what it takes away. 

Enjoy reading the quotes and do not forget to mention how you feel about these. Share with your family, friends and loved ones. 

Stay happy and keep smiling. 

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